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Categories: nightmare,trauma

A bad memory as a child becomes ptsd for the adult


Good evening to you what I mean by the topic is I’m gonna tell you a story about a traumatic event that this little girl endured as a girl and how that memury found its place as severe ptsd as an adult she was about 7 or 8 yrs old this was about the time her stepdad/uncle started to moleste her this time was a day before Easter he was terribly drunk and got her up took her to his bedroom and at some point got really angry cause she was crying and wasn’t trying hard enough he said bottom line he ended up choking this 35 lb and 3 and a half foot tall girl (she was such a small thing) so the next day was Easter she had these bruises all on her neck he kept apologizing to her making excuses and she was left just broken didn’t know what to make out of it, she celebrated another 14 or 15 years of Easters at home and that is the only one that she can really recall the reason I told this is I didn’t realize what ptsd really consisted of I thought it was more for like soldiers or people in war so I know a lot of people feel that way but it’s not so a lot of different traumas can lead to ptsd and it is something that you do need help with so if you have suffered any form of trauma that has had lasting nightmares, memories and so many other symptoms you gotta talk bring it out pin that monster so you can find ways to let it rest and not constantly haunt by the way that little girl was me so thank you for allowing me to tell that story I’ve never told no one til next time


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