BoyzToMen: Why men should deal with mental health issues

BoyzToMen: Why men should deal with mental health issues

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“Many people will say that men don’t care about mental health because many of them have been asked to ‘man-up’ during difficult times. How do you break down? Be a man,” Brian Mulondo commented during a segment of the BoyzToMen show on D’MightyBreakfast which was talking about mental health.
However, Peter Igaga says mental health has become a conversation based on the issue of stress. He adds that we are living in a world that always puts us in positions that come along with pressure, hence the rise of mental health topics.
“With life, you will always be under pressure. For as long as there is a problem to be solved, there will always be pressure,” he said.
“You have to deal with stress. People get stressed out because they don’t deal with the stress. Running away from stress is the worst thing,” he said.
According to Igaga, people are suffering from mental health because they hold the pressure within themselves which eventually, explodes.
Others, he says don’t know that they put themselves in situations that cause pressure and stress. According to Maritza, stress is self-inflicted, to which Igaga agreed.
“One of the hardest things to accept is that you are the source of your stress. If you look inside you, and you are honest, you will realize 80% of the stress is caused by you,” he said.
Igaga advises that men should limit unnecessary stress, learn how to plan and also avoid unnecessary habits like drinking. He also advises men to be firm and able to change situations and their reactions to them.

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