Is it depression or mental in starrs mind?

Mental health, depression, and life "Don't Judge Help Heal"

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Isn’t it funny how a lot of men are macho?

Or maybe they know how to handle depression better than females, I don’t think macho is the answer but I know they put a lot of extra crap on them just to hold this I’m the man image but they can break to. In my personal experience single men have been more accepting to being depressed but a family man, dad or stepdad they try there hardest to stand firm but then we can see the signs like stop smiling as much, not as loving to spouse or kids easily angered at most things, yelling at the kids more but yet if you bring the “d” word they say no I’m not. I just wanted to put some love out there to all men who are struggling it’s ok to say so it’s ok if you need some help as usual you can email me or leave a comment I’m here. One last thing good morning my amazing friend and follower and to the ones to come I hope, have a good day, stand up for mental health in all til next time enjoy the verse

Starrs good morning

It’s early but it’s time to get up good morning my friend and today’s morning verse is awesome I’m gonna be putting together some things that will be sent to the emails which I don’t really have any so I wanted to ask if you would put your email for me and ebooks and other stuff I will be sending I want to say thank you even if you choose not to I’m glad your here have a good day, later today I will be getting back with you about mental health and narcissist behavior til later on

Rise and shine

Good morning you beautiful soul. I sure tell you we are a winter wonderland around here and I have been stuck at home and I still have a couple more days stuck inside but I guess I’ll make it even though it has been working on my depression. So how have you been my til next time

More like one than two!

Well hello my dear how are you feeling this morning? I’m feelin alright but I woke up listening to some talk show last night and I just knew when I got up for the morning I wanted to tell you about it, and as always I check my morning verses and let me tell you it was right on with what I’m going to tell you’ll see so this show I’ve never seen it before but the was talking about mental illness how all the things they do or need I mean was putting total separation on the mentally ill (that’s what they called them)and the normal I was so pissed off and upset that’s the problem with people today alot of them think like that I’m more determined to push and push as much as I can to try to get people to put us in the category as people who are just going through a struggle and can be helped. In that it says we was all the same including our language we truly ain’t that different, some of us may inherited something or we had some trauma but that can be anybody I mean they should try to understand and realize that the so called ill person could have or could be them. By the way thank you for following and reading my blog I thank you from my whole heart and soul there is no better feeling knowing someone is there til next time and yes I’m thanking my first time followers too you make it possible your all my friends

How about an amen lord!!

Well we here another morning, I love to say good morning it’s starts me toward a good day. So good morning to my friend how did you sleep last night? I actually slept most of the night but still having a crazy nightmare,I haven’t given you an update on my medication in a minute I’m on the 40 mg celexa and the side effects are low which that makes me feel better so my opinion it’s a good depression medication for a change thank God and if you have a question or comment please let me know well I hope your day is good, til next time my friend

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