Sending hope and love in a world full of hate


Good evening, my friend. Hope your relaxing, as I am, but always thinking. I have been listening to news and statistics on different things. But it all kept coming back to how much hatred this world has been built on and is still a huge problem. I mean it blows my mind that people can dislike you for being poor, another race, gay, boy, girl, old, young, for rap music, country music, mental disorders, and of course your looks. That is just some reasons people choose to hate or dislike you.

But what gets me and breaks my heart, is some of these things have been here for hundreds of years and it has gotten no better as a matter of fact I feel more hatred in the world today than 20 years ago.

I mean, why can’t all humans be as good as each other, who cares what you choose to like, who cares what you look like, and who cares if your poor. Good, kind hearted, loving, people come in many different ways. This bothers me how one side of the white house felt poor people did not need 15 dollars an hour I most certainly do not know why that was not good for the world.                                                                                                                                                  Someone poor is as good as a rich person, they too want the American dream. So someone has been in jail, it does not make them a nothing. So they’re a recovering addict, so what, they are only human. We have got to keep the faith and hope with us to help us push away the hatred, at least in our area of life. Let’s not allow all that nonsense to take our faith, hope, and love away and maybe one day, way on down the road, enough people doing the right things might change this troubled world. Till next time

Love is a beautiful thing

Good morning to you I hope your day is filled with beautiful things and lots of love because you are loved for sure by the good Lord and me 💘

This morning verse is a beauty hope you like it til next time my friend

Giving hope and love my friend

Stand up and be there everybody needs somebody one time or another it’s just as easy to show hope and compassion as it is to turn your nose and judge don’t write off what you don’t understand,just open your heart and listen we was made to love each other and that’s it til later

Notes on depression

Good morning my friend how did you sleep last night? I only woke up 2 times so I say I slept pretty good for a change I hope you like the little verse on top of the page I love to read them when I first get up. I use a little notebook and I write things I want to tell you lord knows I wouldn’t remember it later but I was going through some older notes I’m sure I didn’t tell you about I had only went back so far,these notes I researched them I have told you it’s not all about just the medication, 2 out of 3 people still have some symptoms even though there on medication, it can be that it’s not the correct one but it may not be why either. This is something I don’t like since I have 2 boys with adhd, when a parent struggles with depression,etc they have alot higher chance of struggling than kids who’s parents don’t. I also read this in the last 10 years depression has gained the attention as a significant public health issue, If you have a comment on any of this feel free to share. Here’s something I just come across the Fisher Wallace stimulator for depression, anxiety, and insomnia it’s fda approved use 20 min 2 times a day it stimulates serotonin inside you they had it for $499 but had a 300 off coupon $199 so what do you think? I will be back sooner than later