Is it depression or mental in starrs mind?

Mental health, depression, and life "Don't Judge Help Heal"

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How about an amen lord!!

Well we here another morning, I love to say good morning it’s starts me toward a good day. So good morning to my friend how did you sleep last night? I actually slept most of the night but still having a crazy nightmare,I haven’t given you an update on my medication in a minute I’m on the 40 mg celexa and the side effects are low which that makes me feel better so my opinion it’s a good depression medication for a change thank God and if you have a question or comment please let me know well I hope your day is good, til next time my friend

Word from the lord

Good morning to you hope your day will be full of hope and peace I hope you like my morning verses because I do it feels like little words for for your heart I also want to give a big thanx to the bloggers that talk about depression and mental illness, that’s truly needed bringing light to these topics and you guys have really good information, I just want you to know from my own struggles y’all are amazing and very helpful I’m glad that I am becoming part of this fight. Please keep on keeping on have a good day


Good morning 🌻 my lovely people ,this verse is about courage I know if you really feel down deep you will feel your courage that’s there it’s just been overlooked for awhile I have faith and hope you will find your courage and let it shine I hope your day is well and never give up. Hugs to you all

Good morning y’all

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