Hello my friend how are you doing?I wanted to see how things are going with you and give a little update on me as well. So I have been doing pretty 9good lately but the closer I get to April 25 I get a little more blue.
My mom passed away 3 yrs ago and her birthday is April 25.I have had a difficult time accepting my mom is no longer here.I truly loved her with all my heart but I have so many what ifs and I wish I had said or done more .
So that’s what I’m up to grieving some right now. By the way I have been looking for news articles that I think we would find interesting.
I hope so but if not please leave me a comment and tell me you don’t care for them I just want to inform you with maybe some things about mental health you don’t know. To be able to communicate to you really means a lot for my mental health so if there’s anything you want me to talk or mention please im open to all and any comments.
Thank you for checking out my site and helping me heal as well.

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