Enduring the hardships of mental health issues [column]

Enduring the hardships of mental health issues [column]

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Making counseling available to students where they spend the majority of their day -- in school -- has a significant impact on mental health outcomes, according to studies.


As a senior in high school, you are faced with countless challenges and important decisions.

Dealing with schoolwork, applying to colleges and handling numerous other issues require a lot of thought and attention. As a current high school student, I witness my friends and fellow classmates frequently struggling to deal with their schoolwork alongside their obligations outside of school.

Another factor that I believe is the most important issue high school students are facing is the increasing number of students and younger people suffering with mental health issues. Mental health can be described as our emotional, psychological and social well-being.

While the amount of work we have to do is not entirely unrealistic, the challenges of balancing the schoolwork from many different classes can be a challenge. Also, many students have a part-time job of some sort, so they have even less opportunity for schoolwork outside of class.

The combination of these factors alongside the drama and emotions you have as a developing teenager can place quite a burden on your mental health.

Mental health is being addressed more and more in school, which is a very good thing. However, I would propose that all students have individual meetings with some form of a counselor. In these meetings, students can become educated on mental health and counselors may be able to identify a student who is dealing with potential mental health struggles.

Noah Nogle is in the 12th grade at Warwick High School.

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