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Hey guys just wanted to say hi and Iā€™m always thinking about anyone who is struggling with depression, or mental disorders I have alot of hope that you guys will heal, overcome, and maintain these issues because I know with the pain and struggle weā€™ve been through we deserve to be happy and free from our demons and our past so we can have a better future. I do want to tell you about something that helped me and you might want to see if it can do the same for you, Iā€™m sure it will itā€™s being in the here and now what I mean is we donā€™t dwell on the past we look at everything with new eyes and new thinking it is a form of brain training but I swear it works for me so let me give an example say your taking a walk maybe your mind starts thinking about whatā€™s going on in your life or what has went on in your life you can start paying attention and thinking about the walk the ground, the smell, the sky and do that the whole walk say your doing dishes just concentrate on the dishes the water the soap ,what your doing is training your mind to be now not drifting or worrying about the past which is done or the future which is yet to come I promise it doesnā€™t take long at all to train your mind and it helps you from worrying and helps you to live for today I thought it was weird but I was open to try and I was amazed so think about it give it a try if you have any questions or comments on anything please let me know I donā€™t mind helping in any way I can so be strong bye for now


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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