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Good ENUF 2 concert shares message of counseling and mental health

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NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A unique concert series promoting mental health and wellness is back for round two, and the star of the show promises the upcoming performance is better than ever.

“The entertainment value is better. The lighting is better. The staging is better. The camera angles are better, the band is nuts, strings and cellos and saxophones and trombones, like, it’s crazy,” said Legin, a gospel hip hop artist and the creator of the Good ENUF concert series.

Legin is ready for his next show, Good ENUF 2. We first introduced you to the artist in March as he kicked off his Good ENUF concert series.

While the show includes music the whole family can enjoy, there is also an important message; get counseling if you need it. To pull back the curtain on mental health, Legin teamed up with his counselor during the original Good ENUF performance.

“The first time, we reenacted counseling sessions from when I first got started, and it was very real.”

This time, you will sit in on the last counseling session Legin attended.

“This is very present day, what I’m processing right now. This is what we talked about last week before we filmed this.”

This artist hopes his transparency will encourage you to follow his lead, something he says many did after they watched s Good ENUF earlier this year.

“People just started hitting me up and saying, ‘Man, I’m starting counseling tomorrow, thank you.’ And I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ And they’re like, ‘No. Your show showed me it’s okay.’ I know several young men who started going to counseling who are dealing with father issues like me. I know of young women who considered it. I know of a guy overseas who started going because of the show.”

Through donations and ticket sales, Legin is able to help pay for counseling for some of those who can’t afford the cost

“I was able to help, specifically from that, two people start counseling, and one person I haven’t even spoken to, I got hit up by an organization saying this person’s been traumatized, we heard about Good ENUF, can you help? We just covered two months of counseling to get them started because of the severity of their trauma,” said Legin.

Legin is thrilled his message is being heard, especially during times like these.

“One thing that I have heard from several counselors is that we have not begun to see the avalanche of mental health, anxiety, depressive issues that are about to surface post COVID as people get back to their new normal.”

It’s a serious topic, during a pandemic, when many people are trying to find a way to get back to whatever normal is.

“I hope people get that God loves them and it’s okay to get help if you need it,” said Legin.

Good ENUF 2 is a virtual concert, airing Tuesday, June 15 at 8 p.m.. If you buy a ticket to Good ENUF 2, you instantly get access to Good ENUF 1.

Legin also says the Chick fil-A Broad Creek Crossing on 1205 North Military Hwy is giving you one free chicken sandwich if you show your virtual ticket Wednesday 6/16 through Saturday 6/20.

For ticket and concert information, or if you are a mental health organization that would like to help Legin’s mission, click here.



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