Well good morning. I know my title is funny but you will understand in a moment. So during the pandemic my family we took a hit in our jobs and our home. So we bought a camper put it in an rv . We figured we would stay awhile and buy a house and we are working towards that. But I didn’t realize how good or bad the place was. We stay to ourselves there isn’t no kids here really except my 2 boys.

Now that I kind of have you up to date, this morning about 3am my husband was up for work . As he was getting dressed he saw the car moving in reverse so he ran out but they took off in our car. So that’s my reason for seriously and my why is why would someone struggling steal from someone else who’s struggling I just don’t get it .I’m sure that’s where the addiction has them at in this moment. I’m just still in shock of it and I’m so sad for the person who did this. But I’m going to keep my faith and yes even pray for the one who did this . I know all things happen for a reason. Thank you for letting me talk have a good day

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