Isn’t it funny how a lot of men are macho?

Or maybe they know how to handle depression better than females, I don’t think macho is the answer but I know they put a lot of extra crap on them just to hold this I’m the man image but they can break to. In my personal experience single men have been more accepting to being depressed but a family man, dad or stepdad they try there hardest to stand firm but then we can see the signs like stop smiling as much, not as loving to spouse or kids easily angered at most things, yelling at the kids more but yet if you bring the “d” word they say no I’m not. I just wanted to put some love out there to all men who are struggling it’s ok to say so it’s ok if you need some help as usual you can email me or leave a comment I’m here. One last thing good morning my amazing friend and follower and to the ones to come I hope, have a good day, stand up for mental health in all til next time enjoy the verse

Give praise

Just want to say good morning to you all I want to let you know it’s a new day you can try again don’t give in or give up I know how easy it is to do that but it want change anything and I know there’s a lot of folks out here that don’t understand or even care but so be it you have the choice to heal and be better don’t let those people take nothing more from you ,please don’t settle keep searching for that doctor that cares, keep looking for that therapist who has a heart and find that right person to be your friend who does like you no matter what it’s all out here I promise but as I’ve said it takes your strength and your trying but you can have all that. In my life I mean early in my life I suffered a lot of pain ,anger,and disappointments, then at 14 that’s when the door to depression opened by the time I was 30 I tried suicide 3 or 4 times I became an addict of alcohol and pain pills mixed with depression meds they don’t mix but anyway that went on for a few more years I accepted I was addicted, so I dealt with that then that’s when I was struggling with manic depression, ptsd, anyway I had to accept I had some mental disorders to work on so I’m now 42 and I’m 6 yrs clean and I’m maintaining my mental health and yes for me it consists of meds, and therapy for addiction and ptsd I have been through hell and back just to be where I am now but I made the hard promise to me and my kids I do not want to be drunk again ,I do not want to commit suicide because of my kids ,I want to be happy life is short, my mom died of a heart attack at 62 and I can’t really remember her ever happy or smiling so you got to find your personal reason why you want to be better and believe me I cried my share of tears, I have angered and raged to the extreme, I have abused myself and other people so I do know how real this struggle is y’all so just try to be strong have hope in your heart

My mental health appt.

Hey guys hope your having a good evening mines pretty good my 2 boys are staying the night with there grandma so I get a little break thank God, first of all I wanted to tell y’all how good I have been doing mentally lately I cut myself totally off of cymbalta after tapering of course so I have been on 20mg celexa I have still been a little depressed but feeling much better without cymbalta which had so many side effects I’m having none now really so I’m feeling like this might be a keeper for awhile ,now that leads me to my doctor appt today with my mental health dr. I’ve only seen her 2 times she says it’s because of the covid but I honestly didn’t feel like she cared whether I was there or not this is what hurts my feelings and grinds my gears how these doctors show no effort to care about us at all and I feel that they aren’t putting enough effort in making the best decisions or guiding us with a loving heart or a helping hand, to me personally i feel like I’m not healing or evolving with the doctor and that’s very discouraging to most people but I have come to going beyond just being another depressed patient I’m gonna fight for my ways of therapy ,groups that care stand with my fellow human and find healing in a variety of ways I’m tired of the disregard we go through we are people we need help we need ways to cope and I know there’s doctors who care but we will go through our share of the ones that don’t so for me today I got my celaxa moved up and was able to get a number to call a therapist who is really good with ptsd so I’m gonna say I still found something I’m great ful for out of that appt. I truly hope if y’all need to comment or ask me anything you guys are more than welcome to start a conversation with me I know how hard this all is but it can get better and it will but we can’t just depend on one thing it consists of several things to make this game of the depressed brain work, as always you guys remain on my mind I feel theres hope and joy for us all. Night night hopefully sleep tight

A little hello


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I’m just thinking about all you guys the ones who are following me and reading my blog I truly cannot thank yall enough and I hope that you all will stay with me awhile longer you have truly been helping me heal as well and you guys are more than welcome to ask me a question or make a suggestion however I can better help you I’m good with it it’s really amazing to me how the world just keeps adding to depression and mental health disorders but I truly believe we can make better changes by being heard finding someone you can talk to take our medications but be aware it’s not just the meds only we have a huge part to play as well Im feeling so hopeful for us even with the world gone crazy I used to be the first one to say whatever it is what it is but I’m so far from that now and I have hope and believe you to can feel differently my thing I was always wanting things to happen fast having dealt with a,d,d, has caused that but the truth is it takes some time to work through ,and heal and then get there oh yeah then maintaining things but so sometimes when we feel like things ain’t going along don’t stop be cause you are getting closer to that destination I promise you as long as your trying and doing the right things even with addictions you will get there ,yes you will

Don’t let anger run your dayj


I’m sure alot of you know the night we have or nightmares we have when we go to bed angry it sets your morning up for doom I know so my friends let’s really steer clear from anger when it’s time for sleep just something I know from experience