Ain’t nothing like a good word

I love to wake up and read the daily word. It’s powerful. We live in a difficult world so we can use a little beauty and motivation.

I have a lot of hope and I pray everyday. Things will get better and easier for everyone struggling with mental health and depression. We have been on bottom we have but one way to go and up is it. I hope you keep trying to cope or if you need help please get it. Our time to shine is coming. Have yourself the best day you can. Just know you are in someones heart and mind . Til next time my friend

Transforming mental health through lived experience

That’s how I learned was experience

Hello to ya! What a rainy day they have always made me feel a little blue. I was having a conversation last nite with an old friend we was talking about depression and mental issues she said she didn’t care for her therapist because she had never dealt with any of these issues personally and she asked me what I thought about someone who’s never had the experience versus someone with personal experience. Well I’m a counselor and I don’t think I could know or help anyone without my personal issues. I do also believe someone with experience can certainly understand and feel my pain more. So yes I think for you to truly get it and accept and help someone it’s a heck of a plus if you have been through something yourself. What do u think? Til next time

Megan and Diana

Good morning hunny!! Hope you slept well, this link Is a story about megan markle and princess diana having depression I thought it was interesting and I hope you do as well. I enjoy when the spotlight shines on depression and mental issues .I believe the more we talk about it the more we learn talk to you later.

Depression wins again

Hello today it is so warm outside I’m feeling springs coming. My title is because of the link on this page about depression affecting people having strokes,I mean I understand why first it would depend on how severe your stroke was and I have seen so many people changed afterwards so yes I see them struggling with depression but the part that gets me is women are at higher risk I hate that part. Women surely have so much to look at for and I ain’t taking nothing from the guys, but us females have a tough road in so many ways I hope you like the link I’ll get back with you later have a good evening

Mental health and your heart!!

Good morning to you time to rise, so what I mean by mental health and heart is when your struggling it’s not just your mind that’s unwell so is your heart because your heart will lead you to people who you should not even look twice at but we are so isolated and lonely and there’s those narcissistic people looking for the vulnerable they know how to make it all better at first then your stuck with alot more pain in the end. Then you have alot of confusion that this person isn’t who you thought or you don’t think if you wouldn’t of been struggling you may not of chose that person so also now you gotta decide and this is where you might dip back further in the depression but it’s should I leave, I want to leave, but how do I do it, will he be okay without me, or this is a big one y’all have kids so you have to deal with how are my kids gonna take it my thing is when we aren’t trying to heal and trying to act as if everything is ok, well in time you will have consequences that will pull you back down in your struggle Im telling you this because it’s what I done twice what I want you to take to heart work on yourself to get to a better place then look for someone that way your not accepting someone for the wrong reasons and you want be stuck figuring out what you got to do have a good day til next time