Give Thanks for Friday

Good morning my darling! Just wanted to give thanks to the lord for waking me up this Friday morning. No matter what this day holds for me or the world I’m thankful. I just want you to know that no matter our mental struggles just hold tight to hope. As long as we can feel hope in our heart. During these hard issues we will see things that are good and working in our favor but remember sometimes we have our trials like Jesus that we have to go through. But I do know cause I have been there we can get better and we can survive . But when we are feeling the bottom don’t give in or up. Keep your heart on hope and faith. It may seem like a slow process but just know you are a work in progress. I’m sending lots of love to you. Till next time (keep your head up)!!

Ain’t nothing like a good word

I love to wake up and read the daily word. It’s powerful. We live in a difficult world so we can use a little beauty and motivation.

I have a lot of hope and I pray everyday. Things will get better and easier for everyone struggling with mental health and depression. We have been on bottom we have but one way to go and up is it. I hope you keep trying to cope or if you need help please get it. Our time to shine is coming. Have yourself the best day you can. Just know you are in someones heart and mind . Til next time my friend

Theres always hope just believe it

Good afternoon to you, hopw your day is going well. I just wanted to remind you that as tough as this world is and can be there truly is that 4 letter word [HOPE]. As long as you can hold on to that you will have a better life. I never wanted to much out of life just your simple happiness, a car, own my own home, and beat my addiction, oh yeah keep working on my mental health.

we can beat anything

As down, helpless, hopeless, and all the trauma Ive had and im (42) but finding and holding that hope let me know my life can be better. And now well guess what my life has become so much easier and better than I could have ever thought 20 years ago. So please understand I have lived the life your living but i eventually found hope, Just know we are here for happiness and a good life also , some of us have to fight harder for it. So find the help you need in all your struggles and demand yourself to get that better life and grab your hope. Til next time

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Words of hope and love šŸ’•

Hey there friend just wanted to say hi and hope your day has been good I want to make sure your aware that you are loved and there is someone who hopes for all the best things that you deserve in life to be yours I know how deep and painful depression and mental illness can get and a lot of people don’t understand none one bit but don’t dwell on what someone else may not know or understand just know if you can’t live yourself it’s hard for someone else to, so get that connection with you so you can find confidence and strength in yourself I promise that will make a difference in your life thanks for the talk ,always in my heart and mind til next time

Love you Ć nd me
Love 8s what we all need

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Thank God it’s friday

Honestly thank God it’s friday doesn’t really mean nothing to me now I don’t have much difference in the days and I know it has a lot to do with my depression and stuff but I’m work in progress. I wanted to give you the daily verse read and say good morning my friend I hope your day is good and don’t let the rain šŸŒ§ļø if you get any bring you down to much because rainy days have always had that affect on me I feel trapped inside, just do some things like read, meditate or color take care of chores in the house or whatever business you may need to do online well til next time!!!