Is it depression or mental in starrs mind?

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Thank God it’s friday

Honestly thank God it’s friday doesn’t really mean nothing to me now I don’t have much difference in the days and I know it has a lot to do with my depression and stuff but I’m work in progress. I wanted to give you the daily verse read and say good morning my friend I hope your day is good and don’t let the rain 🌧️ if you get any bring you down to much because rainy days have always had that affect on me I feel trapped inside, just do some things like read, meditate or color take care of chores in the house or whatever business you may need to do online well til next time!!!

Giving hope and love my friend

Stand up and be there everybody needs somebody one time or another it’s just as easy to show hope and compassion as it is to turn your nose and judge don’t write off what you don’t understand,just open your heart and listen we was made to love each other and that’s it til later

Have faith and hope

Good morning you loving being I hope you woke up feeling fine today I have a nice verse for you and I want to remind you to always keep the faith and never lose hope those things will be good to you and help you along the way and if you have been stuck in the house like me don’t get to down just find somethings you can do like read, meditate, write a journal it’s just this too shall pass keep that in mind have a good day I’ll talk again shortly. Til next time friend

Habits and daily verse

Well good morning to you the good Lord woke us up today so let’s try to make it count even if you can do one little thing toward changing or healing, having hope and faith takes you along way also a couple of habits I got stuck on, let’s say there terrible habits one is finding things to complain about if you feel the complaining urge think of something your thankful for and you can find something your breathing aren’t you? The other habit alot of people do this it didn’t bother me til I stopped doing it and now when someone does this like my kids granny it drives me bonkers it’s just ole negativity about everything aways looking for the bad side when you do this try replacing it with how good it can be I promise these stuff works once you do it enough it will become a habit and it makes life a little easier and better. Once again I want to thank you for following and reading my blog it helps my healing as well I could never thank you enough but I’m very great ful to you I’m wanting to get together me a group of my elite so if you want send your email and if your new please come on in by the way I am totally open to comments, questions, or advice I would love to know what I might be doing wrong have yourself a good day be safe in this winter weather til next time

Ladies are love

Hey how are you doing today,? I’m doing ok just a little bored playing around with some pics I hope you like these I love them I just added a little extras to them to make them stand out my mom has been gone for 3 yrs her birthday is in April and I sure tell ya I miss her something awful that’s been one of the hardest things in my life telling my mom bye I still deal with some grief even now I can’t help but think of her everyday, I got my sisters in a pic and we don’t see each other much at all so I miss them to we are all so different but I do love my girls there’s a pic with me and my lil sis when we was girls about the time trauma started in my life but we looked so pure and innocent. Well I hope today has been calm and easy for you please keep hope in yourself I hope maybe my pictures put a smile on your face. thanks for being here for me and I hope you feel the same.

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