Is it depression or mental in starrs mind?

Mental health, depression, and life "Don't Judge Help Heal"

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Past is the past

This is an awesome saying about the past hope you like it I loved it, it could be a tattoo ha but maybe

I love but never fell in love

Hey how are you? I was just thinking about the whole valentine thing and it’s awesome but I have to be honest my ptsd, msnic depression and the trauma I endured through men in my family I don’t think I’ve truly ever fell in love I was terrified of men or I thought they were all dogs and I made my standards of a man beyond reality I’ve had 3 relationships sice I was 17 and I spent alot of time alone I was so afraid of how I would be treated that I didn’t want anyone my first relationship I was 17 he was a good-looking guy and I was young we lasted 10 yrs and had a kid but I was kinda mean to him most of the time it wasnt love we both thought we were hot the next one I was 30 it lasted 3 yrs and we got married I was in a downward spiral he stepped in so that was not falling in love either then I’ve been in this last relationship 9 years and once again I was it a bad episode and I was lonely it was a year after my second boyfriend we had the worst 3 years but since I’m better he’s changed also so it’s ok now but love had nothing to do with it bottom line I would be in a deep depression then would start drinking heavy than I’d find me a guy but I know and understand my ptsd took a huge part also it’s just hard to find and fall in true love when you are in your struggle the way to do is work on you and try to get some healing done then you can look for that partner we will choose the not so good choices if we don’t try to work on ourselves I just wanted you to know how love and my struggles went together have you fell in love? Please let me know I truly care about these things in your life good nite hope you can sleep well and if the good Lord willing I will talk to again in the morning

Ladies are love

Hey how are you doing today,? I’m doing ok just a little bored playing around with some pics I hope you like these I love them I just added a little extras to them to make them stand out my mom has been gone for 3 yrs her birthday is in April and I sure tell ya I miss her something awful that’s been one of the hardest things in my life telling my mom bye I still deal with some grief even now I can’t help but think of her everyday, I got my sisters in a pic and we don’t see each other much at all so I miss them to we are all so different but I do love my girls there’s a pic with me and my lil sis when we was girls about the time trauma started in my life but we looked so pure and innocent. Well I hope today has been calm and easy for you please keep hope in yourself I hope maybe my pictures put a smile on your face. thanks for being here for me and I hope you feel the same.

Good morning my fellow beings

I really liked this verse you guys because people do use words the wrong way because yes when they are used for loving,learning, positivity, that’s just some things the ultimate the using words in the most compassionate way leads to beautiful healing I can put my word on that I hope you can feel and understand this hope your day is well but even if it isn’t don’t give up tomorrow start again

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