Is it depression or mental in starrs mind?

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Starrs good morning

It’s early but it’s time to get up good morning my friend and today’s morning verse is awesome I’m gonna be putting together some things that will be sent to the emails which I don’t really have any so I wanted to ask if you would put your email for me and ebooks and other stuff I will be sending I want to say thank you even if you choose not to I’m glad your here have a good day, later today I will be getting back with you about mental health and narcissist behavior til later on

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I just really want anyone who’s struggling to know that I’m here I understand so many people don’t want to admit or open up about this and that’s understandable but you don’t have to keep it in and you can’t heal or overcome if you don’t open up about it.Therrs something I didn’t know for a long time but people who deal with mental disorders like bipolar has a shorter life span than other people it’s like a 9 yr difference it has to do with the strain on our bodies and the medications that’s shocking to me cause my mom and granny died of heart attacks at 50 and 60 and then add my 9 yrs for my mental struggle well that scares me. So my point is you gotta get to a place of maintaining so you can deal with your stress level, your blowup or episodes you have and commit to meds with asking questions about the medications your on I really want you guys to know I gonna try to help contribute to getting through and being there for everyone I can I just really want to help educate because that has alot to do with making the best decisions on your mental health I’m just another woman who has had her issues in life I got fed up with struggling so I started reading and studying on all kinds of mental health topics. Please comment or ask me something or just say hi I will answer you back,

Ask questions it’s ok

Hey to all my good people I just want to make sure no matter what I do for my career or making money being a blogger for mental health is where my heart and soul is I guess for so long in my struggle I was so empty,lonely,scared and clueless I had no one to help me or talk to me so I truly hope if there’s any advice or ask questions,or need a friend I’m here I had someone to ask me how do you stop blaming yourself for having bipolar should she of done something more it really made me think I struggled with that same question for a long time but y’all have gotta try to understand I don’t care what this disorder has caused you guys to do in your past it was not who you was it was the disorder and we can’t make everyone get that but you have got to accept that’s true so you can begin to heal also we become addicts for different things some is the pain the bad mental state were in but we aren’t trash I got so tired of people thinking they were better than me because of that I shouldn’t be ashamed to say I’m 6 yrs clean because that person wouldn’t respect me if we overcome it’s our story we can tell whoever we can please find y’all’s strength “Don’t Judge Just Heal”

Feeling full of hope

I haven’t been sleeping much for about a month or so I might get 2 or 3 hrs a night which I just have never liked medicine that puts you to sleep and yes you guys we should be addressing our dr over that but I get more done with my medicine changes I have been staying really tired anyways but I had a point til I wandered off that’s ADD for ya ha ha my point was going to be I am feeling love and happiness in my heart today and some days or weeks that doesn’t happen I am just feeling that we don’t have to let life beat us down find some interest them little things you can do that makes you feel your gonna be okay just remember that feeling of love no matter how long it’s been thanks for listening y’all I hope someone call share my feeling today

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