Another day to be Thankful for

Good morning my dear. If today doesn’t end up being a good day at least be thankful for waking up this morning. I’m thankful for this blog and you for reading it. When you try to find the things your grateful for everyday, it does make for a better one.Dont dwell on what’s not good in the day. That will keep you down. Bunches of love for you.Til next time

Thank you lord!

Good morning love

I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you this morning. As well as the lord don’t forget to give thanks for waking up today. As long as the the lord wakes you up everyday you get another opportunity to try. Whether it’s trying to be better, heal , or get help for addiction or mental health care. It’s a new day try to do it your way with the lord leading of course. Til next time and always with love!

Words to live with

Ain’t nothing like a good word

I love to wake up and read the daily word. It’s powerful. We live in a difficult world so we can use a little beauty and motivation.

I have a lot of hope and I pray everyday. Things will get better and easier for everyone struggling with mental health and depression. We have been on bottom we have but one way to go and up is it. I hope you keep trying to cope or if you need help please get it. Our time to shine is coming. Have yourself the best day you can. Just know you are in someones heart and mind . Til next time my friend

It’s morning again, I’m back.

I’m back friend, another morning is upon us I like to start it out with a word from the lord and I also like to send it to my friends and family love. Have a good day til later

Good morning verse

Habits and daily verse

Well good morning to you the good Lord woke us up today so let’s try to make it count even if you can do one little thing toward changing or healing, having hope and faith takes you along way also a couple of habits I got stuck on, let’s say there terrible habits one is finding things to complain about if you feel the complaining urge think of something your thankful for and you can find something your breathing aren’t you? The other habit alot of people do this it didn’t bother me til I stopped doing it and now when someone does this like my kids granny it drives me bonkers it’s just ole negativity about everything aways looking for the bad side when you do this try replacing it with how good it can be I promise these stuff works once you do it enough it will become a habit and it makes life a little easier and better. Once again I want to thank you for following and reading my blog it helps my healing as well I could never thank you enough but I’m very great ful to you I’m wanting to get together me a group of my elite so if you want send your email and if your new please come on in by the way I am totally open to comments, questions, or advice I would love to know what I might be doing wrong have yourself a good day be safe in this winter weather til next time