Is it depression or mental in starrs mind?

Mental health, depression, and life "Don't Judge Help Heal"

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Hey guys I was just thinking about your dogs which is my favorite house pet I’m advertising this because I do buy from there and I like it so at least you know someone who’s tried it I really prefer to be familiar with a product as I sell I mean not all the time but it’s best to know about it in case you ask me anything and I hope you have found a way to enjoy your day and I sure hope you can sleep Tonite, me personally my ptsd has been working on me when I go to sleep I been having nightmare after nightmare waking up alot staying up awhile in-between it will calm down soon enough but I’m not real sure on the trigger this time but hey we don’t always have the answer I’m suppose to call this therapist who is supposed to be awesome in ptsd I can’t wait to find out well hope you check out that site for me and good night sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite ha ha we used to say that when we was kids bye for now til’ next time

Don’t let anger run your dayj

I’m sure alot of you know the night we have or nightmares we have when we go to bed angry it sets your morning up for doom I know so my friends let’s really steer clear from anger when it’s time for sleep just something I know from experience

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