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Thank you lord and keep going


Good morning to you, the reason I said thank you lord is because he took care of me on my taxes I had been putting it off but it ended up Iā€™m getting a good amount back so Iā€™m thankful.

As for what I meant about keep going is I have been so extremely exhausted lately but yet I have been pushing myself to do what I gotta do Iā€™m not sleeping well I wake up several times a night mostly because of nightmares but Iā€™m also thinking that it could also be my celexa. You know I have been told and Iā€™m sure you may have to that being mentally unwell your weak but Iā€™m here to stand and say that is so wrong the levels of treatments and medications and still trying to survive in this world I say we are pretty darn strong ,itā€™s not easy finding what works for you when the doctors are putting most of us in the same category, when we all have our own form of depression or mental illness. What a world we live in well I know I gotta keep on keeping on and start to trace down what isnā€™t working,Iā€™m not gonna just give in. I hope you to feel that way. Have a good day if possible and as always til next


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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