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I know with all my struggles and the pain I’ve endured through the hands of people who never understood what was wrong with me anger and revenge has kicked my but a time or two and I’m a woman I know you guys really struggle as well but I still deal with being angry at times but nothing like I was but I did learn to stop hanging on revenge it absolutely destroys you I watched my baby brother really going through this revenge thing and at 35 he still has a hard time with it but guys right or wrong ,god or not ,it’s not our place to give revenge we have to find that spot to put the shame on them and accept we can let it go and then know in our hearts they will get what they deserve someway somehow and this can go to folks who deal with ptsd as I have and still do when some people do the crappiest ,most horrible ,painful things to us it also can from a place that wasn’t right either and then we take on what they’ve down and years later you can come across them and they aren’t the disgusting people we remember my point being they are so wrong but we can’t let them take our whole lives or future we gotta come to let anger and revenge go so we can truly heal and find us again and start a new with life new mind is important we can have a new mind we have to work at it with some brain training y’all but we can we can change what we take in and teach our brain to be positive if you can practice something enough it can become a habit our way of being and I’m 42 so it’s never to late to find us and a good life or choose a career either as long as your breathing ,finding your and I mean your happiness is what it’s about the past is gone good or bad so what do you really want to come from your future I would love for you guys to think about that I know where we been and where we are now but wouldn’t you like your last chapter to be something you would be happy to leave as the best part of your story .well you can start today get help wherever you need it do the processes if you slide don’t you dare quit dust it off retry with a new devotion I know these things this has been my life it’s gonna be challenging that’s when you think about where your starting and your past and just know in your heart you want better .have a sweet day


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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