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Categories: accept,allow,healing

To Forgive or not?

My morning pick me up!!

Good morning love! So to forgive or not well that is a good question because for the most part of my life through my addiction and broken mental health I did not truly know what forgiveness was about. I knew a lot of people hurt me and contributed to my messed up life, but yet they do not care that I was carrying this deep anger and pain in me affecting my whole life. I used to think if I could just get away from that person I would be okay and free. But as life went on these things would resurface somehow. Bottom line is I could not run from forgiveness it found me and broke me down. It also caused me to make choices for all the wrong reasons. All my trauma in my life was not going leaving my heart and mind.

I am telling you this because I lived this and I am now living with forgiveness. No matter what anyone says forgiveness is not easy. When someone has abused and took some of your life from you how can you forgive that.. But the biggest thing to me was forgiving myself. When you forgive them your letting go of the pain and everything that goes with it your taking there control away from your life, heart, and mind. And it is accepting you lived this but you made it out. For most of my life I could not admit or accept that these things happened in my life so everything revolved around just putting it aside. By the time I was 30 my life was crashing. I just wanted to let you know forgiveness does play a huge role in your life. It can make you a new person and remember your not saying what they did is ok but you are taking that power to stop them from bothering anymore of your life . Thanks for reading friend. Till next time


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord